Here we explain what we do from a more technical perspective.

Our main development platform is Python and Django. Django provides good abstractions and a big framework. This enables us to build sites that are more flexible and faster than old-school CMS solutions. We have built sites from small to large in Django, among others Filmmagasinet Ekko and RIOpanel.

No web framework is complete without a Javascript framework and jQuery is our favorite tool for the job. We have built the de-facto Javascript plotting library for jQuery. Flot is used on hundreds of smaller websites, many internal reporting systems and also big websites like

Besides Django and Python, we have extensive experience with C#, in normal application development and also web development using ASP.NET. We have come up with a new way of managing files with a program (Nemo Documents) and have built a large business intelligence system in ASP.NET, for more information see cases.

We believe in Open source. Open Source allows us to stand on the shoulder of giants. We always provide our clients with the source code of the work we do for them. We not only consume Open Source but also give back.

Here are some of the projects we've started: