Here are some cases that we have been working on.

For DdD retail A/S, a supplier of IT solutions for the fashion retail business, IOLA developed a Business Intelligence system that enables their customers to better understand their retail store. The system is unique in that it enables the customers to gain access to information in real-time using just their browser. The system is developed using Microsoft Analysis Services, Oracle, C# and Javascript.

For WooMe, a venture-backed speed dating company, IOLA has been working as consultants for more than a year. During this time we have helped to build their internal statistics system and a pure Javascript chat client, among other things. WooMe has in this time grown to more than 1 million users and a team of 12 developers. WooMe is written in Django, and uses Javascript extensively as any Web 2.0 company.

Palle Mørch, a local heat accounting company in Aalborg, needed an analysis tool to better understand their business . They had a large amount of data but no way to visualize it. IOLA programmed a tailor-made business intelligence system in Django to suit the needs of Palle Mørch.