The Product

We provide consultancy, analysis and development as contractors. We spend time with you solving your problems the right way.

You get a product which fits into your business processes, looks good, is simple to use and does what it's supposed to do.

Here are some examples of what we've made:

We prefer to build our custom-made solutions on open source software. Open source software gives ultimate flexibility and is often of a very high quality.

The Process

Our process is made to ensure that you get your product on time and within the agreed upon budget.

When you decide to contact us, we'll first discuss how to get things arranged between us.

Then follows an analysis phase where we talk to you to find out how to approach the project.

Once we start building the product, the first step is to build the core of the system so you can try it out and see whether the project is unfolding in the right direction. Then we incrementally refine the product until it is as you wish. In that way, you'll stay in control of the situation and can see when the goal is reached.

The process can take from a single day to three months depending on the task.

We do not think that a project should last longer than three months. If more time is needed, we recommend that the task is split up and approached in smaller pieces. This simplifies the process, and also results in a shorter time before you have something usable at hand.