Nemo 0.1 alpha tour

Here’s a quick tour of what the alpha release can do.

The default month view:


The month with only starred files shown:


Show only files with the label “iola”:


Show only files with the label “iola” that are also starred:screenshot-nemo-01-alpha-4.png

Files with either the label “iola” or the label “mono”:


You can also search in the contents of files with the help of an external full-text file indexer (currently we support Tracker):


If there are too many files to show they’re collapsed. You can press “more” to get to them:


Or go the day view:


Here’s the year view. Before we make any restrictions there are lots of files, so it’s hard to find stuff:


So let’s just show the images:


Or those with the label “monodevelop”:


That’s all folks. If you want to see more, you’ll have to download it and try it yourself. :-)

20 Responses to “Nemo 0.1 alpha tour”

  1. brandy Says:


    looks nice, finally an easy way to find documents based upon “i’m sure I worked on it yesterday …”. Support for the tracker tags would even be greater ;-)

  2. vv Says:

    Seems exactly like photo-managing-thing I dreamt about… I’ll give it a try.

  3. vv Says:

    I tried to build it on Debian Etch. I’m sorry, I know nothing about C# and maybe I have some junk in packages… I’ve just installed some standard mono packages needed to make Nemo make run and i’ve received this error finally:

    wendigo@miskatonic:/tmp/nemo-0.1-alpha$ make
    gmcs broker/Broker.cs metadata/MetadataStore.cs common/*.cs gtk/*.cs uicommon/*.cs gtk-gui/*.cs -resource:no-preview.png,no-preview.png -resource:close.png,close.png -resource:zip.png,zip.png -resource:stock_about.png,stock_about.png -resource:image-x-generic.png,image-x-generic.png -resource:pdf.png,pdf.png -resource:text-html.png,text-html.png -resource:text-x-generic.png,text-x-generic.png -resource:dot.png,dot.png -resource:video-x-generic.png,video-x-generic.png -resource:x-office-document.png,x-office-document.png -resource:x-office-presentation.png,x-office-presentation.png -resource:x-office-spreadsheet.png,x-office-spreadsheet.png -resource:starred_right.png,starred_right.png -resource:big_star.png,big_star.png -resource:blue_guy.png,blue_guy.png -resource:blue_guy_med.png,blue_guy_med.png -resource:small_blue_guy.png,small_blue_guy.png -r:System.Data -r:Mono.Data.SqliteClient -r:Mono.Posix -r:Mono.Cairo -pkg:gtk-sharp-2.0 -pkg:gnome-sharp-2.0 -pkg:stetic -r:dbus.dll -out:nemo.exe
    gtk-gui/MainWindow.cs(177,43): error CS1012: Too many characters in character literal
    gtk-gui/MainWindow.cs(177,43): error CS1002: Expecting `;’
    Compilation failed: 2 error(s), 0 warnings
    make: *** [all] Error 1

  4. arj Says:

    vv: As far as I see dig up, Debian Etch comes with mono That might be too old. You could try and comment the offending line out and see if it helps. Please let us know if it does, thanks :-)

  5. Reader Says:

    Very nice idea. It should be easier for many “normal” people to navigate through such a system instead of navigating through a folder/file structure.

    Imagine the possibilities if that would be combined with a snapshot-enabled file system :D

  6. serg36 Says:


  7. begemot Says:


    How long we’ll get microsoft’s .NET - cattles!
    Don’t you understand, that by following to proprietary model technology you are risking by everything and taking other peoples after you!

    Look at ZFS, for example! Creators of this masterpiece DID NOT attempted to rip any technology! It was art and engineering and that what those folks get!

    In addition, beagle, tracker, etc and your nemo too, are provoking people to keep their files in chaos!

    It’s much better to put it in the good order, then installing various high memory exacting software to find what you need in a garbage hole!

    (I’m sorry about my poor english)

  8. mkljun Says:


    > It’s much better to put it in the good order, then installing various high memory exacting software to find what you need in a garbage hole!

    Depends on a person’s filing model. There are nofilers to on time filers and all tastes in between (like spring filers and so on). There are many research papers you can find about it on the net. And many regular computer users claim that hierarchy (with clumsy only computer understanding files metadata) is not helping finding stuff.

    Claiming that tools like Nemo are holding users from tidying their file is just funny. Tools like this one are just another view of file system and nothing else - still using files metadata that are unfortunately aiding more computers than users.

    And there’s a catch with Nemo as well. Users perception of time is different than computer’s perception. For example: the document I think I wrote 3 months ago might not be there because in reality I wrote it 5 months ago. But my mind keeps refusing searching for a file in different time zone. There are many research papers on this topic as well.

    Indexing might be helpful as it is with regular hierarchies.

  9. begemot Says:

    >Just another view…
    Oh, really?! Hmm… So, we should installing just few pieces of software: mono layer, tracker/beagle/etc.. nemo (that’s all?), having spent so much system resources for that and it’s all to help us remember in what timing zone we read some information in Web?!
    And thinking something like this: “Oh my… This tools is so good, they are helping me to search everything in my computer! It’s sad a little bit that i can’t start enything else, cuz this apps taking all the resources… And one more thing - will cops came for me tommorrow or in the next week, if microsoft…?”
    And all this is just to have “another view”?!
    It’s bull crap!

    You better look into powerfull SQL database, such as PostgreSQL. Isn’t it’s better to put whole filesystem into the SQL schema?! (:

  10. Lennart Says:

    At least! A very good app!

    About the argument that files should be hierarchical stored: how do you think? How does your mind works? No, not in a hierarchical way but a associative way like this program.


  11. Binbin Says:

    Hey, I love the app pretty much However it is not quite stable though., for example, sometimes it is down on when ‘fonts not found’

  12. mkljun Says:


    You just made my day :).

    Who says you have to install Nemo or any other propietary software? Who says Nemo is without bugs (it is still in alpha stage)? All I was arguing about was interface.

    Information visualization (and Nemo is just one attempt) is a serious problem. Tons of information we are dealing with each day bloomed the research in this area (

    And Nemo isn’t the only time based information visualization software. FilmFinder ( is a nice example how we can search information based on a time scale (Nemo developers should consider some sort of AlphaSliders for size, name, extension and time search capabilities).

    And I’m not defending M$, Mono, Beagle, Tracker or whatever Nemo is using. I also said that Nemo might not be the best way to find files only based on the calendar view. See attempts like MyLifeBits -
    (And don’t start bi…ing on M$ :-). I’m not using their software and I don’t have a positive opinion about most they do ;).

    So if you have an argument about the interface step ahead. Your point that hierarchy is the best way to file files is not holding water without arguments.

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  16. John McHugh Says:

    Nice app….. good to see innovation like this from time to time.. I dont see why there are people spamming the comments with there useless opinions…. by useless I mean if u don’t like it don’t use it. I dont think saying that everybody must organize and find files the way you do is very productive. I myself like to keep everything organized and I would also like the option of viewing my files in this fashion..It gives the end user choice which is only a good thing.. would be cool if it branched out to allow both traditional file browsing and calendar based file browsing.. Now all thats missing is a proper metadata plugin for nautilus… If one day nemo offers traditional, calander and metadata then I will be the happiest guy ever…. great work again….oh and although useabilty tests may be in the traditional views favour who is to say that some might prefer this method, some might grow up on this method in the future, or with its use of tracker I can see benefits in timekeeping much like that nintendo game, brain training or whatever you call it..

  17. cscortes Says:

    nice job, too bad it is currently not stable on my system (xubuntu 7.10). Otherwise it looks great, and has a lot of promise for me because (as a developer) I touch many filles during 1 week, and it would be nice to “review” what I’ve done. Wish it wasn’t mono — although I did do a project with c# on windows, I didn’t enjoy it ( sound like a politician ). Best of luck!

  18. mystork Says:

    good! iam glad to see you!

  19. xcv Says:

    Looks *really* interesting :-)

    Quite unstable still though (but definitely good for 0.1 alpha!) - but really really promising after you guys get it polished up.

    Great, innovative work!

  20. tamer hussni Says:

    tamer hussni…

    Man i love reading your blog, interesting posts !…

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